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The Boyo Students Association was founded in Buea which is the mother branch of this association The association is having branches in the national territory and also internationally.  It started as the Kom Bum Students Association and was later upgraded to cover the whole divisin to the Name BOSTAS.

This association is for all students irrespective of age, level of educationor institution.i.e it's for secondary school and university students.

 The objectives of BOSTAS lie in the fields of Healh, Education and culture. The field of Education, BOSTAS has been doing alot to help students in Boyo towards getting a good education. Although it has mostly been doing it through orientation guides.In the field of health, it gives out health talks to youths on the health habbits and the different killer diseases outside mostly HIV/AIDS.BOSTAS is not doing bad as far as culture is concerned.It has been organising cultural weeks in the different subdivisions of Boyo.

Our Vision

We want a Boyo where all students;

  •  have a focus on their careers
  • Contribute to the development of the Division.
  • Have equal opportunities

Our Mission

  •  Bringing all Boyo students NAtionally and Internationally together.
  • Opening the way for better careers in the Boyo Division.
  • Promoting Solidarity and unity among Boyo students.
  • Promoting educational excellence and awareness among Boyo people.
  • Erradicating the ill of child trafficking in Boyo.
  • Promoting the education of the girl child.
  •  Ensuring socio-cultural, economic and administrative development in Boyo.
  • Ensuring a cordial and faithful relationship bbetween elder of Boyo and students
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